Head of Equity Audits and Strategy

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Head of Equity Audits and Strategy

Job description

The Head of Equity Audits and Strategy is responsible for developing and executing innovative approaches to interrogate client data to provide an assessment of the extent to which they engage in anti-racist, equitable practices in all aspects of the organization’s functions including HR, technology, marketing, procurement, finance, legal, philanthropy, etc. The incumbent has a broad background in understanding organizational systems and how to develop strategies to dismantle inequitable ones. The role requires expertise in organizational development (OD) as well as qualitative and quantitative methods.

The role reports to the Leader of Client Solutions.


  • Design and continually innovate The Winters Group framework for conducting audits and developing strategy
  • Consult with clients to understand their current state, their desired outcomes and how they want to partner with The Winters Group
  • Apply subject-matter knowledge and expertise (drawing from theory, along with qualitative & quantitative methods) to recommend an approach to the client
  • Oversee the running of analyses using appropriate statistical methods to address research questions, test hypotheses, and model relationships between variables of interests
  • Manage research projects from start to finish
  • Present findings to clients
  • Develop recommended strategies based on proven social justice principles for creating organizational equity
  • Supervise manager of Equity Audits and Strategy and contracted experts

Job requirements

Skills and Abilities

  • Advanced degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or related field, with 5-10 years of experience consulting with organizational stakeholders to drive insight and action
  • Fluency in systemic racism causes and outcomes
  • Ability to uncover interrelationships in the data
  • Ability to apply equity centered design principles to data collection methods
  • Fluency in how racism and other isms show up in different organizational functions such as technology, procurement, marketing and communications, finance, legal, etc.
  • Fluency with quantitative research methodology ( survey methods, experimental design, hypothesis testing, regression techniques, etc.) Ability to find the best approach and running statistical analyses (Correlations, linear & logistic regressions, SEM, multilevel modeling, etc.) to examine relationships between predictors and outcomes
  • Ability to develop innovative approaches to analyzing and displaying data (e.g. indices, dashboards, etc)
  • Fluency in qualitative methods such as ( literature reviews,) interviews, focus groups, ethnography, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience applying behavioral science methods to design and conduct research studies in the workplace setting
  • Strong data visualization skills, able to “tell the story” in a clear, concise, way
  • Experience presenting to executives and leadership
  • Fluency with contemporary statistical software tools